Broadcast Email Best Practices


  • Write the entire email at the same time to create consistent messaging.
  • Collect all your assets (photos, text, links, etc...) in one folder and send all of it to the the Alumni team at the same time. This will help streamline the design process.


  • Preheader is a short summarty text that follows the subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox.
  • If using a preheader don't duplicate your subject line, but instead add text that will compel the recipient to open the email.

Subject Lines

  • Try to keep to a maximum of 35 characters
  • Don't use all caps.
  • Try to avoid exclamation points unless the email is actually urgent.
  • If appropriate, include the name of the sender, i.e., "An invitation from Dean..."
  • If the email is about a particular person, consider including their name in the subject line.