Bylaws of the University of Montana Alumni Association

Revised June 2004



  1. Composition and terms of office. The House of Delegates shall consist of representatives from various districts in Montana and from geographical regions outside of Montana, as determined by the board of directors. The delegates shall serve three-year terms which shall commence July 1 following approval by the board of directors.  One year must elapse before a former delegate may be reconsidered for the House of Delegates.

  2. Eligibility

    * Selection of delegates: Delegates shall be selected and approved by the board of directors according to criteria and procedures determined by the board.

    * Membership: Approved House of Delegates members shall be dues-paying members of the Association in good standing.

  3. Meetings.  There shall be an annual meeting of the House of Delegates, notice of which shall be given to the delegates at least thirty (30) days in advance.

  4. The single officer of the House of Delegates shall be the vice president of the board of directors, who shall serve as the speaker of the house.  The speaker will act as liaison between the House of Delegates and the board.  The speaker will preside over the annual meeting of the delegates.

  5. Duties. Delegates shall organize an annual alumni event in their area; report on such events at the annual meeting of the House of Delegates; advise and assist in the identification of alumni; and advise and assist in all areas of outreach such as student recruitment, legislative relations, and fundraising.

    The House of Delegates, at its annual meeting, shall hear reports of regional alumni
    activities and make policy recommendations to the board of directors on all matters
    pertinent to the membership of the association.

  6. Expenses.  Delegates shall not be allowed travel expenses for attendance at any regular meetings of the House of Delegates.

  7. Compensation and expenses.  Delegates shall not receive any salary for their services as such, but the board of directors shall have the power, in its discretion, to contract for and pay to delegates rendering unusual or exceptional services to the association such compensation and/or expenses as shall be deemed appropriate.

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