Crossword Puzzle Key

UMAA Crossword Puzzle Key


1.     DORNBLASERFIELD—The original campus athletic field where competitions were held.

3.     WASHINGTONGRIZZLY—Beginning in 1994, the Griz had 30 straight home victories in this stadium.

4.     THIRTEEN—How many switchbacks are there to reach the "M".

6.     CARLMCFARLAND—He as the first UM Alumnus to serve as President of the University.

8.     SPOONYROCK—Located near the Liberal Arts Building, couples met here to cuddle or spoon.

10.   GRIZZLY—This 7 foot tall sculpture by UM Art Professor Emeritus Rudy Autio stands tall guarding the Oval.

12.   KAIMIN—The student newspaper.

15.   MEMORIALGROVE—Memorial Row, also known as _____________, honors 37 individuals who died during World War I or in the influenza epidemic.

18.   ABERDAYKEGGER—In 1979, the last ___________________ was held at Miller Creek to benefit the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library.

19.   WHITEWASH—Until 1968, when the old "M" was replaced with a concrete slab, freshman had the task of reapplying this to the rocks every Aber Day.

20.   LIGHTANDTRUTH—"Lux et Veritas"


2.     ROYCEENGSTROM—The current University President.

5.     HELLOWALK—Tradition suggests that you must greet everyone you meet on this particular stretch of UM sidewalk near Turner Hall.

7.     SENTINEL—You can hike to the "M" on Mount ___________.

9.     JUMBOHALL—This building once occupied the spot where Miller Hall is located today.

11.   UPWITHMONTANA—The Grizzly fight song.

13.   MONTE—_________, (short for Montana) was born in the mountains of Missoula in the fall of 1993.  He was the 2002-03 and 2004-05 National Champion Mascot of the Year (Capital One/ESPN).

14.   FORESTRY—Which college celebrated its centennial this year?  Hint: In 1915, they threw the first "Lumberjack Dance."

16.   OVAL—One of the most iconic features of the UM campus, cars were allowed to drive in and around it until 1956 when the road was closed and filled in with grass and cement walkways.

17.   MAINHALL—The oldest building on campus.

Crossword Puzzle Key