Stuart Hall - April 10 and 15

Head shot of Stuart Hall

Cognition in Aging and Brain Health

Synopsis: Dr. Hall’s talk will review and provide examples of the cognitive changes that are associated with aging.  He will also discuss ways to promote cognitive function in aging and will examine the current scientific standing of “brain training” activities that are commonly encountered in the media and elsewhere.

Stuart Hall is a professor of psychology who specializes in clinical neuropsychology. He completed his undergraduate and graduate training at the University of Texas at Austin. Following a postdoctoral fellowship at the Ohio State University College of Medicine, he joined the faculty at the University of Montana. His research examines the methods used to assess cognitive function with neurological patients and how non-neurological factors can impact these measures. Other interests include aging and traumatic brain injury. He established a training emphasis in clinical neuropsychology within the Department of Psychology and serves as an expert witness in forensic cases.