Tom Bansak - UM

Tom Bansak headshotCome to learn about the University ofMontana’s Flathead Lake Biological Station,its research on rivers, a century of changein Flathead Lake and the threat of aquatic invasive species, with Tom Bansak, assistant director of the facility.

Founded in 1899, the Flathead station is world renowned in the field of freshwater ecology. Although Flathead Lake’s water quality is among the finest in the world, it faces the challenge of invasive mussels detected elsewhere in Montana.

Bansak started at the Flathead facility in 1996 as a graduate student studying river ecology on the Middle Fork of the Flathead. Since then, his research has focused on large pristine salmon rivers in northern British Columbia and southeast Alaska and he has conducted water quality investigations around northwest Montana. He has been active in the battle against aquatic invasive species. He’s also an educator.

A graduate of Dartmouth, he has a master’s degree in river ecology from UM. Before joining the UM facility, he was with the Wild Rockies Field Institute and the Glacier Institute.