Chapter development was designated a priority over the next three years by the Alumni Association Board of Directors. They adopted a 3 + 1 strategy to develop three chapters outside the State of Montana and one within the state, each year, for the next three years. The areas were identified by looking at data of alumni mass, strategic recruitment history and a core of active champions residing in that particular area.

Three-year plan:


Seattle, Spokane, San Francisco Bay Area and Billings


Portland, Washington, DC, Denver and Kalispell


Chicago, Minneapolis, Boise and Helena

Chapters purpose?

Foster a community of University of Montana alumni in your area by building connections with past, present and future Griz alumni.

Collage of UM alums


What do they do, exactly?

  • Networking -  provide venues to connect with past, present and future Griz alumni through targeted meet-ups and professional networking
  • Mentoring -  Serving as a resource to past, present and future Griz alumni to help with career development and advancement (first job, mid-career, executive networking, internships and class participation).
  • Community -  Providing opportunities to build deeper relationships through social activities like game watches (e.g. live games, tailgates, watch parties, etc.) and meet-ups for more targeted groups (e.g. volunteer events, recreational activities or industry/interest focused meet-ups or events).
  • Recruiting -  Support the University of Montana by sharing our personal experiences with prospective UM students in your area. Card writing campaigns (to applied but not accepted students), send-off parties, etc.

Current Chapter Information

Seattle: Jeff Northcutt ’00, Steve Simon ’90, Adam Steffen ’04 and Terri Slade ’88

Spokane: Brandon Gebhardt ‘14, Dana Brown ‘07, Jeannette Toole ‘95

San Francisco: Will Kellogg ‘11, Dan Plute ‘67, Kent Price ‘65, ‘67

If you are interested in getting involved with the chapter program, please contact Jodi Moreau at or call 877 UM ALUMS.