Luminaria on the Oval

Purchase a Luminaria for the Yell Night Pep Rally

Picture of Luminaria with Main Hall in background

A special University of Montana Homecoming tradition includes the placement of luminaria around the Oval to light it up for the annual Pep Rally on the Friday night of Homecoming Week.

The Alumni Association invites you to become a part of the Homecoming tradition and purchase a luminaria in Honor or Remembrance of your favorite alum. Luminaria sales for Homecoming 2020 will begin after July 1.

Each luminaria will be labeled with the person’s name and class year and placed on the Oval Friday night.

Proceeds help support the continuation of this and many UM Homecoming traditions, such as Singing on the Steps, Lighting of the M and the fireworks show.

Thank you all those who purchased Luminaria for the 2019 Yell Night Pep Rally

In Honor of

Jean Blakeley
Class of 1960

Jim Cole
Class of 1952

Hal Fraser
Class of 1964

Jason Fraser
Class of 1995

Kate Fraser

Thomas Fraser
Class of 1956

Danielle Hamilton MBA
Class of 2012

Emma Lommasson
Class of 1933, 39

Nicole Johnson Meyers
Class of 2000

Dr. Keith D Peterson
Class of 1955

Lynn Decker Stevens
Class of 1960

The Temby Family

K Ross Toole

Joe & Mary Topila

Roy Vallejo
Class of 1996

In Remembrance Of

Susan K (Harris) Banis
Class of 1975

Robert W Barrett
Class of 1976

Sheila LaChambre Benson
Class of 1958

Derick Burlson
Class of 1996

Tom Boyer
Class of 1990

Deanna Cabe
Class of 1992

Dallas Davis
Class of 2016

John Delano
Class of 1947

Katy Delano
Class of 1949

Rebecca Hazelbaker Deschamps
Class of 1968

Stephanie Di Francesco
Class of 2008

Leona DeCock Fenner
Class of 1943

Class of 1968

Patrick Gentilli
Class of 1995

Bruce Gronfein
Class of 1973


Eric Held
Class of 2017

Candice Charlson Gray
Class of 1966

Jeff Johnson

Jim Johnson
Class of 1961

Michael Kaminski
Linda Phillips Knoblock
Class of 1965

Rene John Krier II
Class of 1969

Roger Martens
Class of 1970

Audra Morger-Bonilla
Class of 1991

A D Moscioni
Class of 1969

Colin William Raff
Class of 1935

David P Rider PhD
Louise Anne (Johnson) Ross
Class of 1962

Turner E Ross
Class of 1950

Kathleen Holmes Schwanke
Kermit Schwanke

Paul Sliter
Class of 1993

Linda Stanchfield Smith
Class of 1975

Roger S Smith
Class of 1958

Garland J Thayer
Class of 1992

Miles J (Jack) Thomas Jr.
Class of 1952

Trig Tronstad
Class of 1969

Chuck Turner
Class of 1976, 79

Chuck Turner
Class of 1976, 79

Margaret (Peg) Wagner
Class of 1940

William F Wagner
Class of 1938

Gail Ward
Class of 1960

Kelly Ward
Class of 1986

Don Welch
Class of 1955

Charles A Wilson
Class of 1957

Craig Wilson
Class of 1971, 73