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We have partnered with Adventure Life to provide travel expertise for GrizTreks programs. This company’s small group philosophy of travel is ideal for these completely tailored experiences. Don’t know where to go? The Trip Planners at Adventure Life have the expertise to help you figure that out, too. They are here to help get the dream started and to share the world with you.


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Where We Can Take You

Our trips span the globe, giving you the ability to travel to even the most remote places! More obscure destinations on your travel bucket list are our specialties:  Antarctica, Galapagos, Patagonia, the Arctic, or the Amazon. These are just a few places GrizTreks can take you.

Some of Our Favorite Destinations


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Peru is a country with so much diversity to offer visitors. Explore Lake Titicaca, colonial Arequipa and the Colca Canyon, trek its mountains and raft its rivers, or enter deep into the Amazon rainforest on a river cruise spotting monkeys and rare birds in one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. However, the highlight of nearly everyone's Peru trip is Machu Picchu. Our favorite itinerary to experience this ancient wonder is the Machu Picchu by Train trip that takes you on a panoramic train ride from Cusco passing through the Sacred Valley of the Inca. Explore the great ruins of Machu Picchu and wander through village markets where ancient traditions live on in the hearts of the Andean people.


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A Galapagos trip is an unparalleled wildlife experience on planet Earth. You'll snorkel with playful sea lions, admire amusing blue-footed boobies, and marvel at ancient tortoises. Choose from only the best yachts, catamarans, small cruise ships, & boutique hotels in the Galapagos all hand-selected by our team of experts. One cruise that highlights the best of the Islands is our Complete Galapagos Wildlife Cruise. Nowadays, Galapagos options aren't limited to taking a cruise, as land-based tours and active adventure trips have become increasingly popular. The Galapagos were Adventure Life's first destination offered nearly two decades ago, and for most, exploring this archipelago is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Therefore, getting every aspect of your trip perfect is our top priority.


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These neighboring countries are a dynamic duo boasting glaciers, fjords, lakes, forests, mountains, desert, cosmopolitan cities, lovely vineyards, and even the “End of the World” in Patagonia. Their close proximity makes it easy for travelers to incorporate experiences in both countries.  To visit the two destinations in one trip, we recommend combining our Beautiful Buenos Aires & Iguazu Falls in Argentina and the Classic W Trek in Torres del Paine, Chile.


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Adventure Life's Belize tours offer an ultimate variety of adventures packed into Central America's tiniest country. From the reefs, ruins, rainforests, and beaches you can enjoy active adventures such as hiking, horseback riding, snorkeling, diving, sailing, caving, and much more. Snorkeling in Belize is sublime, and SCUBA divers choose Belize for its pristine waters and aquatic life. Sea kayaking can transport you from reef to jungle or to hundreds of cayes, atolls and islands. Our classic Belize Adventure itinerary provides numerous exciting excursions but also opportunities to enjoy a drink on the beach. Whether you prefer relaxing in your treehouse bungalow or exploring the caves of a Maya underworld, you're sure to find your perfect Belize trip.

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2019 Travel

Galapagos and Ecuador with Adventure Life

Woman and seal on beachJune 2019 | 9 Days. Specific dates and pricing to be released soon.

Explore the Galapagos, the highlands of Ecuador, and Quito with your fellow Alumni.  Embark on an exciting 5 day tour of the Galapagos' wild west! Highlights of the west include beautiful Santa Cruz, wildlife-rich Isabela, cliff-laden Fernandina, and the amazing black beaches of Santiago. These islands are rich with an abundance of wildlife both in and out of the ocean including flamingos, iguanas, sea turtles, rays, and reef sharks. Enjoy the company of friendly sea lions while snorkeling or hike across volcanic landscapes making this a truly unique vacation.  Visit the highlands of Ecuador and stay in a historic hacienda.  Trip starts at $4,900/person based on double occupancy, and specific dates and pricing to be released soon. Contact Adventure Life at 1.800.344.6118 for more details.