Groups and Programs


The University of Montana Office of Alumni Relations and Alumni Association presents several recognitions and awards throughout the year. These awards include the Community Service Award, which is presented to alumni and friends of UM from Montana and neighboring states for their outstanding service and commitment to their respective communities and to the University itself. The Montana Alumni Award is presented during UM's Charter Day celebration to a former UM student for their service and dedication to the University of Montana. Each Homecoming, UMAA honors outstanding alumni with Distinguished Alumni Awards. Recipients of the award are individuals who have distinguished themselves in a particular field and who have brought honor to the University, the state or the nation. UMAA serves not only current alumni but future alumni as well. The UMAA Legacy Scholarship, given to as many as six students annually, is awarded to individuals who represent a continuation of the UM tradition.

Constituency Groups

The University of Montana Office of Alumni Relations and Alumni Association works closely with specific groups of alumni and friends to help keep members informed by posting newsletters, providing forms and sending emails. Constituency groups include groups like the UM Alumni Band, the American Indian Alumni Group, the Grizzly "M" Club, the Greek Task Force and alumni from Montana's sister state, Kumamoto, Japan.

Travel Program

The University of Montana Alumni Association is proud to sponsor a wide variety of extraordinary travel experiences. These unique trips combine cultural sightseeing with lifelong learning opportunities - often delivered by experts in the region. UMAA has partnered with Go Next Travel, Adventure-Life and Belgain Beer Me! Tours to take you to destinations ranging from the ruins of Machu Picchu to the Mediterranean coast. Join us, as well as alumni from other colleges and universities, on these delightful adventures.

Student Alumni Association

The UM Student Alumni Association is a new group that is open to any student looking for networking opportunities, getting involved and having fun! For more information email Jodi Moreau at

UMAA Regional Groups

UMAA regional groups are organized by local volunteers who work hard to help connect Montana alumni within a certain geographic boundary to each other and the University. These groups organize activities such as social, recreational and educational gatherings that encourage both professional and social networking. 

The Oval Tree Project

In 2013, the University of Montana Alumni Association launched the Oval Tree Project, an opportunity for alumni and friends of UM to help restore the Oval to its original tree-lined grandeur. This project serves to both help restore the natural beauty of the Oval and as a fundraiser for your Alumni Association. Click for more information on how you can purchase your tree.