Bryan Cochran - April 17 and 22

Head shot of Bryan Cochran

Understanding LGBT Mental Health Disparities

Synopsis: Research over the past two decades has indicated that identifying as LGBT in our society is related to an increased risk of experiencing mental health distress. Newer research models rely upon the concept of Minority Stress (Meyer, 2003) to explain the health disparities experienced by LGBT individuals. This session will review health disparities, Minority Stress theory, and interventions designed to eliminate health disparities among LGBT individuals. 

Bryan Cochran is a professor of psychology at the University of Montana. He is also a licensed psychologist and the director of clinical training for the doctoral program in clinical psychology at UM. His research focuses on the health disparities that correlate with being part of a stigmatized minority group, particularly concentrating on substance misuse disorders and other mental health conditions among LGBT youth and adult populations.